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Ex Forti


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Hector & Musa Candles come together in a composition that winks to the sculptural monumentality enriched by precious tactile and visual textures and characterized by the unmistakable signature of Ex Forti. Carefully selected and handcrafted, brass is turned into a protagonist embedded in a wax structure meant to last.

A tribute to the oldest and truest feeling of the universe, Love, able to resist to the adversities of space and time.

By resampling the compositional style of the ancient Spartan war helmets and the tunics of Greek women, Hector & Musa find their raison d'être both as candles and as furniture and design objects.

The composition, in wax and burnished brass, is available in two versions: the Black nuance represents a strong and vigorous soul, as Hector’s, and releases notes of Tobacco & Wood; the Ivory nuance recalls a warmer and feminine spirit, as Musa’s, through the scents of Amber and Oud.

Hector & Musa are part of a compositional couple solution, but can be sold individually.

Please read Safety & burning instructions

*In case the product is out of stock, Ex Forti reserves the right to complete the preparation of the item within 3-4 weeks from the order date.
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All EX FORTI Pieces are unique and handmade by Italian artisans.



Burnt Brass


Ambra & Oud essential oils (Ivory wax)

Tobacco and Wood essential oil (Black wax)


HEIGHT 15 cm / 5,90“

WIDTH  12 cm / 4,72”

DEPTH  12 cm / 4,72”

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