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Ex Forti

LAZLO Candleholder

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Lazlo is a stunning Candleholder crafted combining the strength of Volumes and the fleeting essence of soft wax. A Brass Base with strict lines and right angles showcases a refined texture, which softens the rigidity of the structure. A deft masterpiece from Italian Craftsmanship, in the name of the Brutalism elegance.

A hand carved natural Candle, whose everlastingness is guaranteed by internal refills, dominates the composition with its Sculptural look: inrelief, thesymbology inspired by Mayan Tradition from Bacabs Collection.

Not just an accent piece, Lazlo is a sensory experience: a warm enchanting light and an inebriating and personalized Ex Forti’s Amber & Oud fragrance enrich the Candle, so as to create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.

*In case the product is out of stock, Ex Forti reserves the right to complete the preparation of the item within 3-4 weeks from the order date.
Feel free to contact us at for further information.

All EX FORTI Pieces are unique and handmade by Italian artisans.


Brass - the main surface has been treated with burnishing techniques and has a diamond texture
Paraffin Wax with essential oils - Amber & Oud


HEIGHT 21 cm / 8,26"

WIDTH  16 cm / 6,3"

DEPTH  16 cm / 6,3"


The lasting of the Candle is guaranteed by the possibility to insert appropriate Refills.
Add 1 inch of demineralized water into the Candle before inserting the lighted refill – Water, if heated, increases the intensity of essential oils and allows refill to burn completely to the end without sticking to the bottom. The Package contains 4 Refills. Each Refill will last 3 – 5 hours.
It’s possible to clean the Candle using a damp cloth with water and a few drops of non-abrasive soap.
Pay attention – Do not expose t he Candle to sun or other heat sources

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