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Limbor Vessel is a jeweled accent piece that celebrates minimalism-designed décor.
The inspiration comes from the desire to pay tribute to the Archdiocese Munich Cathedral, merging formal rigor and precious textures.

A lacquered wooden frame, composed of two different size boxes arranged one inside the other, combines with a palette of contrasting colors and creates a never dull solution.
Metallic elements are left to enrich the item.
The precious Top consists of a charming Brass mesh, which reinvents the engineering solutions of the Cathedral, transforming its geometric floor grills into a relief texture.
Four dazzling bases support the box, citing the Romanian Sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși and his “The Newborn”: handmade, specially costumed with a brass casting, they are actually real pieces of design, embellishing Limbor with a sculptural look.

On stage, a play of light and shadow that intensifies realistic shading and three-dimensionalism.

*In case the product is out of stock, Ex Forti reserves the right to complete the preparation of the item within 3-4 weeks from the order date.
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All EX FORTI Pieces are unique and handmade by Italian artisans.


Lacquered Wood
Metal with Brass finish


HEIGHT 8 cm / 3,14"

WIDTH  24 cm / 9,44"

DEPTH  14,4 cm / 5,66"

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